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Λίγα λόγια από τον ιδρυτή της για τις ανακαινίσεις.

Ανακαινίσεις  / Renovations

    You renovate because you want your home to look more beautiful and feel more comfortable. Improve the practicality and functionality of spaces. Replace worn and outdated materials, or beyond the above to enhance the durability of your property or to impove its thermal insulation. 

      Consider renovating your property as a business plan or as a separate project starting from scratch. Consider all technical, economic, aesthetic, functional and practical parameters. Itis critical for a plan to exist in order to avoid perplexed cituations.

     Ask the Architect of our company who will design for you so that you can optimize the performance of your money and ultimately save, with the help of someone who knows well the materials' market, as well as the functional and technical specifications of your property. He will take care issuing the required building permits and guide you through the project options.

      Note that many defects and poor choices have ruined the purpose of a renovation and a construction in general and several timescaused  property damage or even damage to their owners.

      Call us now for a complete economic and architectural assessment of your property.


                                                      Best Regards

                                                      Kostas Christodoulatos

                                                      Registered Architect Engineer

                                                      PgD Restoration


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